Where Once Was Hington

Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered thirteen fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, and it became immediately apparent that many in Washington and in the military had for many years questioned the sanity and loyalty of Major Hasan. Nothing was done about it because the Major was a Muslim, and to remove him or even question him was contrary to the orthodox political correctness that demanded Muslims be treated with the utmost consideration lest the entire Muslim American community be offended. And so, in the cause of political correctness, thirteen innocent men and women died, and some thirty-eight were wounded. And what was the official reaction to this vicious and violent Muslim murder of infidels? The president of the United States demanded of us that we not jump to conclusions about the motive of the Muslim killer, and stated the act was incomprehensible, though it was clearly not incomprehensible at all. General George W. Casey, Army Chief of Staff, wrung his hands and cried that he hoped this unfortunate incident would not seriously damage the military’s drive for diversity. Such is the madness that grips us that we cannot bring ourselves to see that which is plain for all to see.  



Stupid is as stupid does

So sayeth one and all

But why is stupid all the buzz

Just before the fall?

To ask it is to answer

For anyone can see

The country has a cancer

In Washington DC

The way that things are going

I shudder for my kids

As freedom’s winds stop blowing

As country hits the skids

Hasan investigated

But they find that nothing’s wrong

He’s Muslim so he skated

We’ve all heard this dreary song

He had stated Allah bade him

Kill the infidel at once

They surely could have had him

But he smiled as one who hunts

For his victims where he finds them

And he shot them where they stood

As he cried that Allah binds them

To perdition and that’s good

So with plentiful profusions

Of our guilt the word goes out

That we not jump to conclusions

It’s not Islam, there’s no doubt

Yes common sense may still prevail

But don’t bet the rent money

I’d cry at this sad sorry tale

If it weren’t so damn funny

On future digs when time permits

No harmful radiation

They’ll scratch their heads and search for bits

Of what was once a nation

“Twas Hington, boys, a state now dead”

But others disagree

Until they found the sign that said