Wyatt Earp

Nato declared war on Afghanistan in accordance with their treaty obligations when we attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan for harboring al Qaeda, who drove commercial airplanes into the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. All well and good, but the only Nato country that did any actual fighting was Britain, and that in a very limited way. The others sent trainers and logistics people and did no shooting. Over time most of the non-combat combatants pulled their troops home, and now even the Brits are pulling out. For over sixty years Europe has depended for its defense on the United States, to the extent that no European country has a defense establishment equal to the task of removing a third rate dictator from a third world country. It’s always up to us. It’s about time the United States says goodbye to Nato, an alliance that has lost all reason for existence now that the Red Army is no longer pointed at the Fulda Gap. Time to cut off the money, time to stop paying for the defense of people who have obviously decided they do not want to pay for their own defense. It’s time for Wyatt Earp to say he’s tired of riding shotgun. 



The stagecoach pulled up into town

And Wyatt Earp stepped slowly down

His shotgun hanging loosely by his side

The horses shivered, flecked with foam

As Wyatt said, I’m glad I’m home

I’m here to say I’ve taken my last ride

I’m ridin’ shotgun not no more

For sixty years I watched the store

And fought through Injun country more than once

It’s Wyatt this and Wyatt that

It’s time you guys got up to bat

I’m tired of ridin’ shotgun for you runts



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