The Guardians

The Daily Mail describes a secret court in Britain called the Office of the Public Guardian, which seizes the assets of thousands of elderly and mentally diminished people and turns control of their lives over to the State, even when to do so is against the wishes of the families. Such is the goal of socialist governments everywhere. Control. Power over the individual. The State knows better how to care for you than you do. And this is where we are headed if Obama succeeds in destroying the finest health-care system the world has ever seen and imposing State control over our lives. It’s not about insurance companies. It’s about you.     



A pity sir, he gravely said

Your mum is round the bend

She’s acting queerly in the head

Who knows where it will end

She’s just a little dottie now

But in a few short years

She’ll try but she will know not how

And burst in bitter tears

I’ll care for her like she did me

Spoke up her loving son

I love her, sir, why can’t you see

I’ll do what needs be done

Ah no the Guardian did smile

We’ll take care of your mum

She’ll stay with us for little while

For just a tiny sum

We have her welfare in our hearts

I’m sure you will agree

That families care in fits and starts

With us your time is free

Think of us as a family jewel

Your mum will be just fine

We’ll need her assets so if you’ll

Sign on the dotted line

We’ll get her off into our care

With others of her kind

And like them all she’ll sit and stare

We’re sure that you won’t mind

And when her time on earth is done

She’ll leave us with a smile

You may be sure, devoted son

We’ll send her off in style