Buyers Remorse

Various liberal propaganda organs, like the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, have recently and rather decorously questioned some of the things their hero has done and not done that he has promised to do and not do. There is a small stir in the left-wing blogosphere, where usually tight-lipped ranters are delicately asking if the Messiah has not in fact quite lived up to their expectations. He has not, for instance, to this point surrendered the United States to its enemies as they fervently wish for, nor has his gutting of missile defense satisfied them. His promise to destroy the best health care system in the world looks to be in peril, and his giving of billions of taxpayer stimulus dollars to the unions to insulate them from the perils of the marketplace, while laudable from their point of view, has not as yet accomplished their goal of destroying the evil capitalist financial system that has made the United States the envy of the world. The acolytes are beginning to stir, however reluctantly. Are we seeing the beginning of a serious left-wing buyers remorse?    



Where does hope go when it’s gone

What is left when there’s no change

When will facts then finally dawn

On his fans that Obie’s strange

Lack of failure up to now

To enact his promises

Means that when he breaks a vow

There’re more doubting Thomases

What’s the difference between Bush

Who the liberals truly hate

And Obama’s Hindu Kush

Where’s the policy debate

Yes he’s done some things they crave

Like his stripping of defense

And his mighty union cave

And his acts ‘gainst common sense

Like his running up the debt

To a height not seen before

But they really do not get

Why he’s in that Afghan war

Oh he’s still the coolest guy

And the smartest one in town

But they’ll tell you on the sly

That he’s really let them down



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