Civil Whites

Pajamas Media reports on the Justice Department’s refusal to cooperate with the US Civil Rights Commission’s investigation into why it (the Justice Department) refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs who threatened and intimidated white Philadelphia voters in a polling place. The Commission sent a letter directly to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding records, and were promptly stiffed by the Justice Department. The Civil Rights Commission, which is statutorily commanded to investigate violations of civil rights, has in effect been told by the Justice Department that only civil rights violations committed against blacks by whites will be prosecuted.    



Now you should know my civil right

Is trumping yours ‘cause I’m not white

That’s how it is and how it’s gonna be

Attorney General is not blind

He sees that rights flow to one kind

Of people and those people look like me

So don’t you go complaining now

That black men with some guns somehow

Were seen to be intimidating those

Who chose to vote for someone who

We do not like and chose to queue

And vote for oefays pig latin for foes

We run this country and besides

Now we’re the ones who take the rides

Upon the carousel with the brass ring

If you don’t like it you can leave

And if you do I sure won’t grieve

“Cause when you go we’ll make Obama king