Flyover Country

Saudi Arabia has recently given the okay for Israeli planes to fly over Saudi airspace to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities at Natanz and elsewhere. For the Saudis, this is a no-brainer. It is difficult for us, living in what we think of as a secular age, to believe people of differing religions cannot all get along, but such is the case. The Saudis are Sunni Muslim, and the Iranians are Shi’ite Muslims, and they do not particularly like each other. The Saudis, and all the Sunni Arab states, know that if the Shi’ite Persians get the bomb, the Persian Shi’ites rule the Middle East, which up to now has been a Sunni province. And since the Israelis are the only ones capable of stopping the Persians from getting nuclear weapons, the Saudis are perfectly willing to let the Israelis take care of it for them.  



The Saudis say

That on the day

Israelis strike Iran

They might say hey

Or by the way

But never warn Teheran

The Saudis know

That when winds blow

From Persia to the west

It’s time to show

The Persian foe

Israeli planes are best

The Saudis think

That if they blink

A Persian nuke will land

And thereby sink

The Saudi kink

And all his merry band

So they’re content

To sit their tent

And watch Israelis fly

With their consent

To kill the gent

Who said the Jews must die



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