Mein Fuhrer

Senator Blanche Lincoln, (D-AR), is in deep trouble at home due to her vote on Obamacare, and desperately wants to keep her job. And so she politely asked President Obama to move to the center to avoid a disaster for the Democrats in November. The president coldly told her no, that he was pressing ahead with his healthcare agenda, because if he didn’t there would be nothing to differentiate between his administration and those that had gone before. Senator Lincoln left the Oval Office a sadder but not much wiser woman.



Mein Fuhrer, poor Blanche Lincoln cried

I do not like to shout

But I can’t leave without I’ve tried

To make you turn about

Your policies are driving us

To ruin and defeat

You lefties are depriving us

Of any chance to beat

Opponents who will run on your

Large debts and broken promises

You’ve turned our solid base in four

Short months to doubting Thomases

Obama slowly paced the floor

Not looking at Ms Lincoln

Then silently he closed the door

And said, with cool eyes blinkin’

It matters not that others lose

That’s not what I’m about

And call me Fuhrer if you choose

But please use an umlaut



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