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Let Me ‘Splain Things To You

The Iranian government called for an anti-American rally in downtown Teheran to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the takeover of the American embassy in 1979. Much to their surprise, a counter pro-America anti-mullah demonstration erupted, requiring force to suppress. Robert Gibbs, the president’s spokesperson to the official state run media, calmly and dispassionately explained the happenings in Iran, and the election returns in New Jersey and Virginia.



Events abroad, said Robert Gibbs

Like protests in Iran

Just give the lie to Repub fibs

That president’s a fan

Of Ahmadinejad and friends

And mullahs far and near

He doesn’t like their means or ends

And I should make it clear

He’s on the side of those who cry

For freedom’s golden crown

And march e’en though they may well die

In Teheran’s downtown

As for elections late last night

The Repubs made a botch

By veering far off to the right

Even though he did not watch

New Jersey now we did just fine

We thought we’d lose it big

But people there just love Corzine

And Christie is a pig

Virginia rednecks came to prance

And voted red in droves

And after that they stayed to dance

Buck naked in the groves

I’m telling you a Repub vote

Means anarchy and crime

But now that Dems still own this boat

They’ll only vote one time

For as you know it’s we who show

Compassion for the poor

And those who voted red should know

We’ll even up the score