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The Lady Of The Camellias

In Salon, Camille Paglia laments that it may be too late for her beloved President Obama to prevent his presidency from becoming a debacle, a condition she believes was brought about by the blindness to reality that obtains in much of the Left’s groupthink. She blames the coming demise of the Obama presidency on his advisers and consultants, but never on him. Camille Paglia is a brave woman to point out the failures of the Left. They don’t like it, and punish those who dare to question the radical left-wing orthodoxy. Do not be surprised to see Camille Paglia savaged by her former friends. Watch yourself, toots.



Ah, Camille, don’t step on toes

Please keep your profile low

The Left knows how to handle those

Who dare to let them know

That they are not the angel’s breath

That heaven from on high

Sent down to cause the bourgeois death

That they all think is nigh

What do they think of you, Camille?

They think of you as kept

A woman pere Dumas could feel

Was free to fly, except

She could not speak her mind at all

She could not say a word

She’s at her master’s beck and call

A painted, sainted bird

Camellias bloom, camellias die

The Left is always here

And that dear girl’s the reason why

You have a right to fear

The people now you think you know

The people of the hive

Pray look behind you for the blow

And you may stay alive



When All That’s Left Is Love

Camille Paglia, in Salon, lists all of the stupidities, lies and general incompetence of Barack Obama, yet she still loves him. Why? The answer is she loves him not for what he has accomplished, but for what he is – a leftist like herself. Belonging to the same club is enough. Women in particular love Barack Obama because they see him as handsome, cool and caring. He cares about the things women care about, or they think he cares because he says he does. Soft things, emotional things, or at least emotional to women. The hard things, war and national defense, are not in the same emotional world as that populated by most women, who want someone to help them care for their children, someone to substitute for the dominant and, in their view, domineering male they would otherwise have to depend upon. Snug and warm in the cocoon of leftist thought and deed, women will not leave the nest, for that would isolate them from their leftist friends, and no one wants to be alone.


I love him so, she sighed and blushed

So handsome and so cool

No matter if our freedom’s crushed

And jackboot Nazis rule

I wouldn’t like to see them here

The Nazi thugs I mean

But things like that I never fear

With Barack on the scene

He loves us so, we love him back

He gives us such a thrill

I grieve to see the Right attack

His every little bill

Of course I think it likely that

We’ll change the country’s mind

About this little healthcare spat

And recognize how kind

Our president and Congress are

And how we need them so

And how we need to have a czar

For every little woe

That ill befalls us womenfolk

When facing life alone

And which is why we never joke

About the scary tone

That comes out of the White House now

And causes us some pain

But nonetheless I tell you how

We love our man Hussein