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You Are My Sunshine

The global warming people just don’t give up. Their scam and fraud has been exposed for all to see, yet in high liberal socialist places like the UN, people insist on being paid by the West for not polluting the atmosphere with Carbon, the building block of all life on Earth. Environmental whackos insist, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that the sun has nothing to do with warming the Earth. The claim now is that Sulphur, SO8, will save us from that evil pollutant Carbon dioxide, CO2, a substance we all exhale and have exhaled from the moment of birth. Many years ago, when I was a lad, we boy scouts sat around the campfire and sang You Are My Sunshine. I don’t remember the words, but the melody went something like this.



You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You warm my woodlands, you warm my seas

You grow my flowers

You gauge my hours

And without you, sunshine, I’d freeze

Now some berate you, while others hate you

Say rising temps are made by man

Their claims are foolish

Just fossil fuelish

And all life on earth they’d ban

Oh mighty orb now, you can absorb now

All CO2 that we exhale

They say S8 now

Will expiate now

For the sin of theory fail

Ask any shaman, the great god Amon

Has circled Earth and warmed our hearths

The highest churchmen

Were in the lurch men

When ‘twas found the circling’s earth’s

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You give me sunburn

You make the world turn

Please don’t take my sunshine away


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A Waving Piece Of Paper

In 1938 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from the Munich conference waving a piece of paper, happily claiming, “Peace in our time!” Unfortunately, he didn’t get peace, he got Hitler. President Obama recently returned from the Copenhagen conference on Global Warming waving a piece of paper, declaring victory in the phony war on the global warming scam. Fortunately for us, all Obama got was a snowstorm and record cold temperatures, and not the destruction of the United States and western civilization he so ardently desires. 



The president will take a bow

For handling well this crisis

And bowing’s something he knows how

Among his other vices

The Copenhagen summit failed

To kill our jobs and nation

But even so Obama hailed

His triumphal oration

 That made the third world envoys mad

That money they expected

Was not forthcoming ‘cause the bad

Chinese had still rejected

The suicide Obama sought

To save the world from warming

Despite the fact the world’s now fraught

With icy cold and storming