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The Long, Slppery Road

It is now more than 24 hours since the Dems passed Obamacare late Sunday night, and I am still sick unto my stomach. We had too close a glimpse at the sausage making. Deals and threats, threats and deals. I tell myself it isn’t over, I tell myself there is still a chance to stay the country from going down the road to serfdom, to borrow a phrase, to stay the country from going down that long, slippery socialist road that leads to the long sleep of national death. It took Rome a long time to die; our death will be cleaner, for the barbarians are not at the gates, they are ruling the country. But I do not despair. To borrow another phrase, God looks after drunks, fools and the United States of America. I believe we will come through this, changed, possibly, in some ways, but not fundamentally changed, as is so ardently wished by our leftist rulers. Maybe the pundits are right, maybe the Democrats will be severely punished in November. I hope so, but November is a long way off, and much can and will happen. I comfort myself by believing the left has just had its Austerlitz, and Waterloo is looming, and they will go the way of another American political party, the long gone and mostly forgotten Whigs.



Nothing could be vainer

Than the plea by Mr. Boehner

To get the Dems to thinking

‘Bout a bill that was so stinking

That most people did reject it

But his plea, as was expected

Was rebuffed by those who heard it

And they voted as if herded

By Pelosi dressed in fancy

Clothing made for just our Nancy

Made it clear that any member

Who votes no will long remember

What it’s like to cross the party

So with cheers both loud and hearty

The Dems just destroyed the nation

Disregarding the oration

By distinguished Mr. Boehner

Their disdain could not be plainer

But the battle isn’t over

For the moment they’re in clover

But November will be here soon

They’ll be sitting in the rear soon

For no matter how they salve it

Angered people will not have it

Yes right now they’re quite the fed pigs

Pretty soon they’ll be the dead Whigs



The Guardians

The Daily Mail describes a secret court in Britain called the Office of the Public Guardian, which seizes the assets of thousands of elderly and mentally diminished people and turns control of their lives over to the State, even when to do so is against the wishes of the families. Such is the goal of socialist governments everywhere. Control. Power over the individual. The State knows better how to care for you than you do. And this is where we are headed if Obama succeeds in destroying the finest health-care system the world has ever seen and imposing State control over our lives. It’s not about insurance companies. It’s about you.     



A pity sir, he gravely said

Your mum is round the bend

She’s acting queerly in the head

Who knows where it will end

She’s just a little dottie now

But in a few short years

She’ll try but she will know not how

And burst in bitter tears

I’ll care for her like she did me

Spoke up her loving son

I love her, sir, why can’t you see

I’ll do what needs be done

Ah no the Guardian did smile

We’ll take care of your mum

She’ll stay with us for little while

For just a tiny sum

We have her welfare in our hearts

I’m sure you will agree

That families care in fits and starts

With us your time is free

Think of us as a family jewel

Your mum will be just fine

We’ll need her assets so if you’ll

Sign on the dotted line

We’ll get her off into our care

With others of her kind

And like them all she’ll sit and stare

We’re sure that you won’t mind

And when her time on earth is done

She’ll leave us with a smile

You may be sure, devoted son

We’ll send her off in style



A Moral Obligation

President Obama has has invited a group of pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders to support his healthcare proposals by claiming it is a religious duty and a moral obligation to do so. “I know there’s been a lot of misinformation in this debate, and there are some folks out there who are frankly bearing false witness.” But who is doing the lying here? Who is bearing false witness? The people who claim that socialized medicine will not kill grandma with death panels, will not result in piling on more massive debt, will not lead to rationing of health care? The ones who claim the insurance companies are evil? We know who is lying here, we know who is bearing false witness. Were the religious leaders swayed by the theatrics, by the smile, by the smooth teleprompter delivery? We hope not, but suspect they might be.       



Across the Galilee they rowed

Arriving tired and sleepy

Above them teleprompters glowed

The stone stage dark and creepy

They stirred with fascination as

The waters rose around them

Celestial angels singing jazz

As Acorn bands surround them

And then as trumpets fiercely blared

And lightning filled the sky

There came the One, the One who cared

Arriving on the sly

By walking on the watered stones

A grin from ear to ear

And from the crowd the roaring tones

Of vast celestial cheer

Then Obie raised his hand in peace

And said to quiet crowd

“My Father’s wonders never cease

He does what I’ve allowed”




The Congress is about to take up Obamacare, and with the seating of Al Franken as Senator from Minnesota, the Democrats now have their sixty vote filibuster proof supermajority, and thus can, in theory, pass any bill they want without having to even read it, which they have done on several occasions thus far this year even without the addition of another comedian. Should President Obama and the left prevail in their avowed attempt to remake the world’s most efficient, most cost effective, most inventive and productive medical system ever seen on planet Earth into something a good deal less than that, we shall join other western nations like Britain, Canada and France in high cost, low efficiency health care, where health care will be rationed, with people waiting months for operations and tests. With shrinking earnings and more work, older doctors will retire early and fewer younger people will enter the profession, leading to a shortage of qualified doctors and health care professionals, who will then have to be imported from third world countries to staff our hospitals. Obamacare will be massively expensive, but it will be free to the people who vote for Obama, and that is the important thing.


Life proceeds in stages, and the life of a democracy is no exception. It has been observed elsewhere that a democracy begins to come apart when the public realizes it has the key to the public treasury. That is where we now are, where we have been for some thirty or more years, where a sizeable portion of the electorate expects the government to take care of them, and they vote for politicians who promise to unlock the public treasury for them. Obamacare will be the final nail in the coffin of democracy, for once a socialized government controlled health care system is in place, it will never be removed. Just ask an Englishman waiting months for an operation that will take place in a filthy government run hospital, or ask the fortunate Canadian who can afford to come to the United States for medical treatment. We can avoid the total destruction of our democracy, but only if we band together to stop Obamacare, for once that is in place, the government, which now owns the automobile industry and the banks, will then own you.



Doctor! Doctor! Will you please

Prescribe to ease my pain

I know they’ve lowered all your fees

And I can’t see you again

Until my ration card is stamped

Downtown at Barack’s place

So now that our health care’s revamped

I cannot show my face

But doctor! doctor! I hurt so

I can’t wait for my turn

To see why I am breathing slow

And why my eyes do burn

And why I cannot feel my toes

Or have a cup of tea

Without my wondering where it goes

Is something wrong with me?

What’s that you say, I’m now in line

For consultation when?

You say in six months I’ll be fine

And you can see me then?

All right if that’s the very best

That you can do right now

I’ll just go lay me down to rest

And hope indeed somehow

That I can last until that date

Obama says that I

Can see someone to medicate

Sometime before I die