The Magic Lamp

Saudi Arabia has gotten so disgusted with the incompetent Obama that they recognize they can no longer depend on the United States to protect them, so they have bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Sources say the nukes are already built and just waiting for Saudi Arabia to give the word to ship them. This is but the first step in the nuking up of the Middle East in view of Iran’s determination to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel is already nuked up, and the rest will follow, the Gulf States, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey if they haven’t already quietly done so. Thanks to Obama, the non-proliferation treaty is effectively dead, and the most unstable region on the face of the Earth will soon have nuclear tipped missiles aimed at each other. Thanks, Barry.

Pakistan has rubbed the magic lamp
Releasing to the detriment of all
A djinn who is about to put his stamp
On every single fearsome fireball
The Saudis think they’re safe by nuking up
And truth to tell they very well may be
But very soon the runneth over cup
Will glaze the sands from Gulf to the Red Sea
The shoreline of the Med will wither, die
And states that once were there will be no more
The djinn now smiles for he knows by and bye
Are different words but tell just what’s in store

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