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He Ain’t No Ally Of Mine

Since March 14th President Obama and the Secretary of State have issued a series of insults to Israel. On that date the president and secretary of state scolded the Israelis for daring to build some housing on land belonging to Israel, demanding that they cease forthwith or suffer the consequences. Just recently, during a White House visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu, Obama abruptly got up and left the room, telling the Prime Minister of our most important ally in the Middle East that he was going to dinner and he could hang around if he liked. There has been much speculation as to the reason the president and secretary of state have so insulted our only friend in the region, most believing there must be some underlying reason we on the outside do not yet know about. I don’t think so. I think the reason is far simpler. Obama was raised Muslim, by a marxist mother and communist father, has hung around all his life with virulent anti-Semites, and is simply doing what he has been acculturated to do.  



To those who might be wondering why

Obama seems so curt

To Netanyahu and the Jews

It’s ‘cause he wants them hurt

He grew up Muslim don’t you see

Then Farrakhan as friend

The Reverend Wright for twenty years

Now Israel’s gonna end

The Jews are enemies of his

And every Muslim knows

That killing Jews is Allah’s wish

That’s why the feeling grows

In Obie Wan’s perfervid mind

That history now states

It’s time for peace for all mankind

Blessed holocaust awaits



Under The Bus

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been re-elected in a landslide, apparently pleasing President Obama, who claimed the vibrancy of the Iranian election battle was due to his speech in Cairo some days ago, and who now, no doubt, sees Ahmadinejad’s re-election as affirmation of his Middle East policy, a policy that seems strangely Muslim oriented. Ahmadinejad is determined that Israel cease to exist, and President Obama, in spite of Iranian threats to annihilate Israel, pressures Israel to surrender to the Iranian puppets Hamas and Hizbollah in the form of abandoning defensive settlements. The policies of the Obama administration and the re-election of Ahmadinejad leaves the Israelis no choice but to look out for themselves. The clock is ticking. Will Israel wait for Iran to get its nukes? Will Obama try to stop Iran from getting nukes and destroying Israel? Will Obama throw Israel under the bus? We shall have the answer before the summer is out.



Israelis live in daily fear

Of Gaza driven rockets

While Hamas sees the time is near

To put into their pockets

The Jewish State that stands between

The Muslims and their dream state

A world in which no Jew is seen

A world in which the Jew fate

Is death to every Jew on Earth

Regardless of resistance

By Muslims driven mad from birth

By Jewish mere existence

The Muslims see the end game come

They see its firm construction

And make the ME wires hum

With threats for the destruction

Of people who are not afraid

Of forces ‘rayed against them

They know the price that must be paid

They know how to defense them

But now they see their mentor friend

US give them a screwing

Obama sees that Israel’s end

Is something he wants doing

It’s all ‘bout oil as some would say

And surely some things puzzle him

But I think this is Obie’s way

Of being a good muzzle im



The 300

Israel yesterday, Sunday, held a nationwide civil defense test, getting ready for the inevitable war with Iran. The Obama initiative to Teheran will shortly be seen to be spun sugar. Bibi will not wait for the inevitable. He will strike Iran before the summer is out. And what then of the Obama olive branch when the missiles start to fly and the Middle East is aflame? Obama simply does not want to believe that the mullahs want the Israelis dead, and after them, us. Bibi will not let the Persians get the bomb, even if an Iranian bomb is okay with Obama. The only question in my mind is, is Netanyahu Leonidas? Does Ahmadinejad think he’s Xerxes? Does Western civilization once again hinge on a small group of guys with guts, this time the Israeli Air Force and 300 F-16s?



Netanyahu takes no guff

We know the man is something tough

He’ll not forget what happened to his brother

He’ll take his time to get it right

But no mistake, the man will fight

One holocaust they’ve had, but not another

The mullahs in Teheran now squirm

As Israel now has a firm

And steady hand upon the Ship of State

When Bibi says they shall not get

The bomb then it’s a darn good bet

The IAF will fly without debate

The F15s and F16s

Have long range tanks and so that means

The range has been increased to let them reach

The mullahs and their scurvy crew

And hidden bomb assemblies too

Though all know it won’t be a day at beach

The IAF is set to fly

The crews all know the reason why

It’s all because the mullahs raised the stakes

The threat to kill the Jews is real

And that is why the pilots feel

They’ll fly to hell and back if’s what it takes

Who knows what the result will be

Who knows what horrors we will see

When Persians block the Straits of old Hormuz

And US Navy gets the job

Of taking out the Persian mob

Unless of course Obama wants to lose

With Persia on the rise again

They think they have the guts and men

Like Xerxes thought when facing but a few

Three hundred Spartans laid them low

Three hundred planes to strike the blow

We’re gonna see Thermopylae number Two